Our Story

Food 4 Life is more than a market garden or farm. It is a way of life. We believe that fresh, tasty, and healthy foods do not start on your supermarket's shelf; they begin in the soil. Looking after the soil first is how we grow nutritious, delicious, healthy garlic and processed black garlic on our 6.25-acre farm in Fenwick, ON. We are accredited Organic by Ecocert® and in the process for our Regenerative Agriculture Certification.


We are a small family farm that practices Regenerative Farming – Regenerative farming, also known as biological farming, focuses on maintaining healthy soil so that plants can be grown and consumed in a way that sustains both human health and is kinder to nature's environment too!


Regenerative farming relies on 3 things. None of which are pesticides or harmful chemicals.  Regenerative farming relies on everything the earth already gave us, air, water and sunshine. It’s actually a simple process where the plant will convert carbon dioxide from the air using photosynthesis. With water, that carbon dioxide is then converted to simple sugars in the roots of plants. It’s here at the root level those microbes eat the simple sugars which then produce the byproduct which will then be released and absorbed by the plant.  


Regenerative farming relies on having multiple cover crops. Because the byproduct and microbes from one plant will feed and nourish another. This is mother nature at work!  At Food 4 Life Regenerative Farm, we use 35+ cover crops to ensure the healthiest soil and the healthiest crops.


Farming (gardening) is our passion & we have been an active teaching farm for agriculture students and garden enthusiasts locally and around the world. We believe it is important to educate every generation on the importance of growing nutritious food. Most of the time, we use hand tools, but we use mechanized equipment when required, i.e., farm tractors and walk-behind tractors.

From day one, we have been building our soil naturally by adding composted cow manure, chicken or fish fertilizer, blood or alfalfa meal &, more from organic sources. We have created the perfect environment to attract beneficial insects, reptiles, amphibians, and birds to stay and help us in our market garden. We do this by planting or allowing natural wildflowers to grow, i.e., buckwheat, clover, sow thistle, alfalfa, sunflower, chicory, lemon balm, and more. We also add wildflower seeds to our cover crop seeds mix - the purpose is to improve & increase bio-diversity for the soil microbes. We sow at least 35+ types of seeds when cover cropping our beds.

In 2018, we created a pond by following the natural contours of our land. This pond has become the natural habitat for frogs, dragonflies, birds & other beneficial insects.

Farmers Illustration