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Have you Tried Making Your Own Black Garlic?

Your Results Was Disappointing Because of:
  • The clove texture was too hard or dry.
  • It takes too long to make Black Garlic
  • The equipment used was tied up for just making one item
  • Need to buy a special appliance just to make one item
  • Never consistent in quality
  • Flavour was not that great

Our Black Garlic will Solve Your Problems and more.

" Your garlic is the superhero! It is the most delicious and best ever. "


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  • Our garlic is handpicked and grown in Ontario
  • 100% certified organic garlic with no harmful chemicals
  • Sustainably grown on a regenerative farm
  • Nutrient-dense and packed with antioxidants
  • Chef quality and inspected
  • Our Black garlic is packed full of flavour to amplify any dish

Are You Feeling Constantly Tired & Foggy Brain?

Amplify Your Health and Your Meal. Use High quality, hand-selected,
Ontario Grown & Processed Black Garlic.

Organic, sustainable and regenerative farming to ensure the highest quality garlic without any harmful chemicals for you or the planet


Hand inspected 10 times to ensure only the highest quality black garlic every time


Tested for the highest quality taste and nutrient density to amplify your cooking and your health

"If you want great produce, especially garlic look no further than Food 4 Life. This is an organic, regenerative farm that is filled with love, learning and simply deliciousness. Meng, the owner teaches and so many have learnt from her. You can also buy her products like gorgeous garlic chutneys, garlic braid and spice blends in line. As well as the much-coveted black garlic, heirloom tomatoes, red Napa cabbage. Wow. The varieties are endless.

There are also volunteer days on the farm where you can help out, eat well and learn a ton. Inquire with Meng."

                                                                                                                                                                     Joanna Sable

Do You Want the Secret of Improving the Flavour of Any Dish?
Amplify the  Flavour of Any Dish With Locally Grown & Produced Organic Black Garlic
  • Bring new life to pastas and sauces
  • Great with stir frys, soups and stews
  • Perfect for oils, vinegars and spreads
  • Umami flavour that brings any dish to life
  • Add it to your favourite dish to amplify your favourite flavours and bring your dish to life
Black Garlic Is The Chef’s Secret

Johann from @shedpottery

"New favourite garnish on meals.  Pairs well with so many dishes."

Johann from @shedpottery

"Great garlic"


Susu from @hansommchef

Do You Want to Improve Your Health Naturally From An Ingredient That Has Been Used for Centuries in Asia?
  • Naturally boost your immune system
  • Full of antioxidants and polyphenols
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Delicious, healthy and easy to use
  • Eat on its own or add to any dish to enjoy the incredible health benefits of Organic black garlic
Boost Your Health & Your Vitality With
Locally Grown Certified Organic Black Garlic
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  • Do you offer bulk discounts?
    No we don't. But we offer wholesale prices with a minimum order of $125.00
  • When can I place my fresh garlic order?
    We start taking pre-orders now right after harvest (early July). We often sell out quickly so make sure you place orders early if you want a specific variety. Order Now
  • How long does garlic stay fresh?
    When our garlic is stored correctly (out of the sun, dry, air flow) most of our garlic varieties will stay fresh up to 8-9 months (some have even lasted 11 months).
  • What are garlic scapes?
    Garlic scapes, also referred to as 'spring garlic', 'garlic greens' and 'garlic tops', are a curly stem like shoot that makes its way out in early summer. From this garlic scape, an umbel (the part that contains the garlic seeds, or 'bulbils') is formed.
  • What is wet garlic?
    Wet garlic are young, fresh bulbs that have not been dried or hardened. Appearing similar in shape to a dried garlic bulb, but being larger in size and missing the papery, hard skins and membranes, Wet garlic is typically the first crop of the season. In the bulb, the hard, papery membranes have not yet formed leaving a few large white cloves tightly clumped together, and the soft flesh is crisp, aqueous, and entirely edible. The firm, pale green stalks are also edible and are crunchy and juicy with a fresh, green flavor reminiscent of spring onions. Wet garlic is smooth and mildly pungent, less spicy than dried garlic, and has a sweet and nutty flavor.
Black Garlic-Beautyshot-Package2_edited.jpg
Discover The Delicious and Natural Way of Improving Your Health by Eating Black Garlic and Enjoying its Benefits
  • Black Garlic: certified organic, grown, harvested & processed in Ontario
  • Handpicked in small batches to bring you the best taste and quality a flavourful experience
  • Sustainable agriculture for a sustainable future
  • Only the best hand-selected black garlic
  • Boost your health and your vitality
  • Delicious, healthy and easy to use
Your #1 Source For The Highest
Quality Black Garlic

"Great experiences at this farm and the products are fantastic"

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Chris Whiffen

These claims and statements have not been approved by the CFIA

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