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High-Quality Organic Black Garlic
...the secret ingredient

Unleash the full flavour potential of your favourite dish with our high-quality organic black garlic.

Wow, your friends with your secret ingredient!

Organic Black Garlic grown and made in Ontario

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Discover The Delicious Black Garlic
Taste And Its Health Benefits
  • Organic Ontario-grown & harvested organic garlic
  • Handpicked in small batches for black garlic production to bring you the best taste, quality, and a flavourful experience
  • Regenerative agriculture for a regenerative future
  • Only the best hand-selected black garlic
  • Boost your health and your vitality
  • Delicious, healthy and easy to use
Your #1 Source For The Highest Quality Black Garlic

Farm Location: 215 Victoria Ave, Fenwick, ON. Canada L0S 1C0

Winter Farm Hours:  Saturday (Pickup) 10 am to 2 pm


Black Garlic: A great find……I discovered black garlic on my way to Wainfleet on Victoria Avenue, highway 24 in Fenwick. I contacted Food4Life market & placed my first order about 2 months ago: I am already a repeat customer.

I am constantly in search of wellness products and after a brief conversation with the owners, when picking up my first order, I understood the potential health benefits but was anxious to experience the flavour enhancement that was explained to me.

I have tasted Black Garlic sliced or paste on crackers, spread on sliced French bread, & bruschetta……just great healthy and tasty snacking….I also truly enjoyed the texture and sweet flavour of the Black Garlic clove on its own.

There is no end to how you can use it: I slice the cloves and mix them in with my burger condiments……the flavour secret: don’t just stop at one clove.! Black Garlic is a flavour booster for sure and I have enjoyed it in my homemade soups, beef & chicken stir fry and salads.

I was privileged in able to get a black garlic-infused balsamic vinegar & glaze. I cannot believe the endless possibilities…...I am just so happy I discovered this healthy flavour booster – I always enjoyed regular garlic but Black Garlic provides so much more culinary use, flavour enhancements and I will be using it next as a dressing/topping for ice cream, berries and desserts. Black Garlic has already become part of my daily menu preparations and as historical information confirms, we not only get the flavour benefits but numerous health benefits too.

Michel/Burlington, Ontario

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