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Contrary to what many believe, Black Garlic is NOT fermented, or grown as many would assume. You cannot buy BLACK GARLIC SEEDS & plant them because black garlic isn’t a garlic plant variety, there are fraudsters on Amazon selling BLACK GARLIC SEEDS.

There are conflicting views on where black garlic originated. Popular in various Asian cuisines, black garlic likely originated in Korea where it was developed. Its sweetness made it easier to consume raw.

Black garlic is produced by transforming fresh garlic through a combination of low-temperature caramelization - the Maillard reaction (a chemical reaction between amino acids & reducing sugars that give browned food its distinctive flavour), & high humidity. This process transforms the garlic i.e. It turns the cloves black. It loses its pungent garlic taste and smell. It is sweet like balsamic vinegar or tamarind. It becomes soft and pliable and can be spread with a knife. its nutritional value increases dramatically.

This process may take 35 to 90 days before fresh garlic is transformed into black garlic. There are no additives added to garlic during this process.

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Black Garlic - Vacuum Packed. 50g (1 bulb or more)

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  • Taste of Black Garlic

    Black Garlic has a tender soft, chewy texture with a consistency similar to a soft dried fruit. It is sweet and has a complex, umami-rich flavor with hints of tamarind or balsamic vinegar. Novice Black Garlic users feel more comfortable with drier and lighter coloured bulbs.  This is unfortunate because the black coloured bulbs are generally sweeter and moister. 


    Packaging of labels may not be the same as shown.

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