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We use olive oil every day, in almost every meal. It is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, & has been my favourite oil for heart health, inflammation, and especially hormonal health in women. We discovered the Z E N O L I V E Organic extra virgin olive oil (500ml). It has a high polyphenol level of 300mg/kg.  Plus its very tasty! So we are carrying it on our online store.


Gold Medal Winner at OLIVINUS IOOC SEP 2022 in Argentina, which is the contest N° 2 in the world for EVOO World Ranking. It's the most significant and oldest international contest EVOO. 


The FIRST Tunisian Organic EVOO with an Augmented Reality Label. Yes, our label comes alive!


100% Unadulterated Extra Virgin Olive Oil. When it is adulterated, olive oils can contain a blend of inferior quality vegetable oils so it could sell at a lower price – and label it as the “Extra Virgin Olive Oil". We’re here because of our personal health journey to have products with honest and clean ingredients.

Zenolive Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Zenolive oil can be stored at room temperature.

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