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Regular Bulbs = 1.75" to 2.0"inches in diameter.


Prices are based on sizes per pounds.

Regular 1 lbs bag ~ 13 to 15 bulbs/lb


Music: A porcelain hardneck variety. Music garlic is one of the most common varieties of garlic grown in Ontario. This tried and true variety is a constant producer of a medium pungency garlic that stores well. Music has an average of 4-6 cloves per bulb. The wrappers are a brilliant white with pink skin around the cloves.

Flavour: Music is a full-bodied, medium-hot garlic with a touch of musky flavour. It is hot & pungent when eaten raw, but sweet and fragrant when baked or roasted. One clove can flavour an entire dish. Use it to flavour meats, vinaigrettes, mustards and vinegar. It performs very well in dishes that call for an aggressive garlic flavour.


Duganski: A hardneck garlic of the Porcelain variety. It averages 4-6 large cloves per bulb. Duganski wrapper is bright white with light purple skin.

Flavour: Mennonite is a full-flavoured garlic. It is complex, robust and spicy-hot flavour. Great in dishes where a strong garlic flavour is desired.


Ivan: porcelain hardneck variety. The garlic produces large heads with large cloves averaging about 7 cloves per head with lasting flavors.

Flavour: Ivan while raw, it has a very spicy & hot taste but once cooked it loses its heat and becomes a lovely garlic flavor with a hint of sweetness.



Storage: It stores 8-9 months under proper storage conditions.

Regular Garlic 1 lb Bag

Expected to ship at mid September
  • How to Store Garlic for Eating

    Store garlic uncovered e.g. in a wire-mesh basket inside your cupboard or beneath a small overturned clay pot, is ideal. You can also store garlic in a paper bag or mesh bag. Make sure there is plenty of dry air and no light to inhibit sprouting. Always watch the bulbs to see if they are starting to get soft and if they are, use right away.


    Long Term Storage Temperatures for Garlic

    Do not store garlic in plastic bags as it creates molds. Garlic needs to breathe. Garlic stores best long term when it is stored at between 2ºC (35F) and 13ºC (55F) and between 40% to 60% humidity. An air-conditioned house or basement seems to do well.  Once the garlic is cured, do not allow air to blow on the bulbs.  It dehydrates the bulbs and dry them out.  Do not have a dehumidifier around the garlic either after the garlic has cured as it will also dry the bulbs and decrease storage life.   

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