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How A Garlic Subscription Comes in Handy

A Wonderful World of Garlic.

Garlic is a beloved vegetable the world over for many reasons. Taste is just one of them—but what a reason! We’re sure your taste buds agree: garlic as an addition to any recipe can turn the dish into a lasting favourite. It can add much-needed spice to your diet, and that pungent aroma is unmistakable and mouth-watering. If you want to keep your family coming back for every meal, adding more garlic to your recipe repertoire is sure to be a hit.

Garlic on drying rack.
Garlic Drying

More than just its flavour, garlic offers a variety of health benefits. A diet rich in garlic contains many nutrients, from antioxidants to vitamins, protein, fibre, and more. So adding more garlic to your diet is injecting more than just flavour into your recipes, but also a sneaky (and zesty!) way to add some healthy food to your family’s plates without them ever knowing!

What about a garlic subscription? What are the advantages of black vs. white garlic, or should you go with both? A garlic subscription can do so much for your culinary adventures: you can enjoy the benefits of black garlic at any time, add some raw white garlic to the dishes that require it, and even branch out to try new things. Who knows? Your family may enjoy each new recipe so much that it’ll inspire you to try more, and before you know it, everyone will have discovered a new favourite!

Discover how a subscription can turn your love of garlic into a regular and tantalizing feature of your pantry.

Culinary Inspirations

If you buy garlic at the supermarket, often you're doing so for one specific meal and then moving on. When you don’t have a surplus of garlic on hand, it makes sense to use it and then try different

meals. However, the versatility of garlic is one of its greatest strengths.

Hardneck and softneck garlic
Hardneck and softneck garlic

There are hardneck and softneck subspecies, with a combined 11 recognized varieties between them. Some are more robust and offer a richer flavour, while others are more subtle and complex. You have a world of culinary possibilities with garlic, so why stick with only a few simple uses?

Having garlic inspires you to try new dishes that make the most of it. For example, one of the benefits of black garlic is that its flavour profile and nutritional value are dramatically increased over traditional white garlic. Rather than the fragrant spice we know common garlic for, why not try the savoury and slightly sweet notes of the black garlic? Compare similar dishes using black vs. white garlic, and you might rediscover an old favourite in a brand-new light!

black garlic bulb
Black garlic bulb

With garlic, you can explore new flavours and recipes, broadening your horizons at the dinner table. No one likes to have a bland meal, and with a garlic subscription, you always have ample opportunity and plenty of reasons to try something new and exotic.

Health Benefits for Your Family

The true benefits of garlic go far beyond simply making our food taste better. Since the days of Hippocrates (considered the father of modern medicine), people have also been using garlic for its health benefits. The number of beneficial nutrients in garlic eclipses many other kitchen ingredients, and many of these benefits are drastically increased when you use black garlic.

Hippocrates - the father of modern medicine.

Rich in antioxidants, garlic helps your body fight the free radicals associated with aging, organ problems, and even neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Improving liver and kidney function is a pleasant side effect of garlic, and all the more reason to make it a mainstay in your kitchen.

Garlic is also rich in protein and offers fibre to your diet while aiding digestion, supplying your body with vitamin C, and providing antibacterial benefits. This makes garlic a healthy “superfood” to add to your health-conscious diet or routine.

Jumbo garlic
Jumbo size garlic

Always Have Garlic on Hand for That Perfect Meal

Sometimes, going to the store can be a real pain, especially if it’s been a long day. If you can’t get away from the family or your other responsibilities to get to the store before it’s busy, what could have been a quick trip can be a stress-inducing slog. No one wants that! Rather than going to your pantry and realizing you’re out or going back to the store to pick up that all-important ingredient, having a garlic subscription means bringing the garlic to you. You’ll always have the right spice on hand for whatever you’re making!

Support Regenerative Soil

Do you like supporting small farms and local businesses? What about regenerative farming techniques that improve and care for the soil in which our garlic and other important crops are grown? Food 4 Life believes that the best thing we can do is take care of the earth where we grow our food, producing higher-quality crops for human consumption while being kinder to nature. We champion the cause of responsible and sustainable agriculture because the only way to improve things is if we all work together.

The adage “you are what you eat” is still profound even today. Organic garlic raised in soil without harsh additives and environmentally unfriendly chemicals is better for you. It allows you to maximize the benefits of your garlic subscription with a clean conscience and a full belly.

If Only Every Subscription Tasted So Good!

Having a subscription to garlic gives you all the benefits of this healthy and delicious ingredient without the hassle of having to buy it at the store or running out when you need it most. You can expand your recipe book with new and exciting garlic and black garlic recipes. It’s a subscription that will pay for itself every time your family sits down to a meal together!

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