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Is Black Garlic Healthy? 6 Benefits of This Unique Ingredient.

Black Garlic: Delicious and Healthy!

You may have seen black garlic bulbs for sale or heard about the amazing benefits of black garlic. This garlic style offers a rich and delicious edge to your food but also provides various health benefits. If you’re wondering about the differences between black vs. white garlic or how black garlic can help improve your health, there’s no better time and place to learn.

 Is Black Garlic Healthy? 6 Benefits of This Unique Ingredient

Food 4 Life Market Garden offers organic food grown through responsible and sustainable sourcing because we believe healthy food starts with healthy soil. We practice regenerative farming that is kinder to humans and nature because what we do to our environment, we do to ourselves. Science has proven that keeping our food close to its natural state is the healthiest choice. We think that it also tastes better.

The old saying that “you are what you eat” still holds value. Think about how you feel when you eat a healthy meal full of fresh ingredients without all the additives and chemicals, and how you feel when you eat junk food like a fast food burger. Organic food raised in quality soil always leaves you feeling better, like our black garlic—a tasty and health-conscious option to add to your recipe repertoire.

1. Add New Depths of Flavour to Your Foods

Taste is just one of the benefits of black garlic, but you may wonder what makes black garlic

different. It is not a variant of garlic that you can buy as is; black garlic is aged and heat-treated to promote the flavour and transition from white to black. Rather than merely browning the garlic, the transformation makes a startling change in its taste and texture. While raw garlic has that aromatic spice to it, black garlic has more of a sweet flavour and a stickier texture, with savoury notes that enhance the smoky taste.

Is Black Garlic Healthy? 6 Benefits of This Unique Ingredient

The best part of all this incredible flavour? Creating black garlic is an entirely natural process without additives or chemically-induced fermentation. The result is a rich flavour that can enhance any dish and provide a wealth of benefits on top of its great taste.

2. Fight Aging

Antioxidants help fight free radicals in our blood, protecting your cells and promoting total body health. These malignant molecules are thought to play a significant role in aging, produced when your body breaks down food and is exposed to certain harmful things. Eating clean, organic food

Antioxidants help fight free radicals and slows down aging

makes it easier for your body to digest. In terms of black vs. white garlic, black garlic is even more full of antioxidants and nutrients than the latter. While garlic of any variety is healthy and nutrient-rich, black garlic takes it a step further—on top of its uniquely mouth-watering flavour.

We all would like to age a little more gracefully, and who says you have to give up great food to do it? Enjoy the sweet and savoury taste of black garlic as an enhancement to all your dishes—time to enjoy the fact that it’s helping to promote your good health with each bite.

Black garlic promotes heart health

3. Promote Heart Health

Black garlic is chock-full of antioxidants and heart-healthy vitamins. In fact, black garlic has even more health benefits than white garlic, with a less odorous aftermath, and even contains natural cancer-fighting compounds. These delicious browned bulbs also contain nutrients that can help lower cholesterol and protect your heart, reducing homocysteine (a harmful amino acid) and triglyceride levels in your blood. Any diet rich in black garlic is an excellent addition to an overall healthier eating plan as well as helping to enhance the results of exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

black garlic support out immune system

4. Immune System Support and Overall Health

Do you need even more reasons to love black garlic? How about the fact that they help support y

our immune system? The dense vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants, also promote brain health, making black garlic a perfect full-scope health supplement grown organically and produced naturally. If that wasn’t enough, black garlic helps regulate blood glucose, helping you to manage diabetes more easily. Fighting free radicals positively impacts your blood, kidneys, and liver, as well as your respiratory and digestive systems.

5. Support Regenerative Food Sourcing

When you buy through Food 4 Life Market Garden, you’re not just getting a delicious ingredient packed with nutrients and reaping the health benefits of black garlic. You’re also supporting regenerative farming, which helps improve the soil and foster new generations of healthy, organic

Regenerative farming feeds our soil microbes first and foremost

food. The garlic will be more beneficial than food pumped with additives and other chemicals. We believe in regenerative organic farming practices because the best food is born, not engineered, and we want to embrace the all-natural method.

black garlic bread

6. All the Flavour, None of the Guilt

Black garlic is a fabulous addition to any chef’s kitchen. It tastes fantastic and would take garlic bread to another level, bringing out new layers of taste and complexity when chopped and added to a dish. Best of all, it loses some of the overpowering odour of white garlic. Some use it to boost their libido, others to help their weight loss. For everyone, black garlic offers a staggering array of health benefits, so whatever your tastes or preferences, it’s a worthy inclusion in your cooking.

Be careful of so-called “black garlic seeds” on large retailer websites or even locally. Black garlic is made from white garlic, but it’s through a transitional process. You can find black garlic bulbs for sale here, but black garlic is created naturally and not grown. Trust in the organic process and the rich soil.

Where our work ends is on your table.

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